Mormaii Athletes Team

The Mormaii athletes team is quite eclectic. It is one of our core values to support athletes, teams, and events with sponsorship, and we do so in many different sports including surfing, windsurfing, swimming, beach tennis and skateboarding.

Our team members embody the highest level of talent, charisma, and energy. Mormaii team members are our ambassadors of athletic activity, health, well-being, and accomplishment. They are living their best life – the Mormaii Life – and bringing it out to the four corners of the world!


    With two Olympics under his belt, Leonardo de Deus is a two-time Pan American champion in the 200m butterfly and one of the best swimmers in the world today. Versatile, the Mato Grosso state native competes in some of the toughest swimming events, including: 100 and 200m butterfly, 100 and 200m backstroke, 200 and 400m freestyle.

    He is the main name of the new generation of big wave surfing. There were many reasons that led him to this recognition, including: Three-time tow-in world champion; Performance of the year at the XXL Big Wave Awards in Nazaré, Champion of the Puerto Escondido Cup and the Mormaii Big Wave Challenge.

    Barijan is one of the most established beach tennis players on the planet. In her career, she has 38 ITF titles, including three Pan Americans and a team world championship. In addition, she is the first non-Italian athlete to become number one in the world and has an exclusive line of uniforms with the Mormaii brand.

    He is a three-time windsurf world champion in the wave category. During the eight years he competed as a professional athlete, he collected victories in styles like Freestyle, Wave, Indoor and Super X categories, making him a worldwide icon. Seadi is a complete waterman and practices numerous sports, such as surfing, tow in, foil, wind, wingfoil, kite, stand up and even motocross.

    Pupo is one of the best surfers on the planet in the ranking of the WSL (World Surf League). Born in Maresias (SP), he currently lives in Balneário Camboriú (SC). The athlete from the Mormaii team is the current champion in Teahupoo - Tahiti, and running for the 2023 world title, he is also running for a place in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

    2020 Surf Champion from Santa Catarina state, in the under-14 category, Maya was born and raised in Praia do Silveira, a legitimate representative of Garopaba surfing. Daughter of a painter and artist, she draws on the waves, with her class and style, lines similar to those her father draws in her works, a touch of class and talent for the new generation of female surfing.

    Brazilian and South American champion of water marathons, one of the most challenging events in swimming. In addition, he holds the Guinness World Record as the fastest woman to cross Leme to Pontal, in Rio de Janeiro, totaling a distance of 36 km in a time of 8 hours, 54 minutes and 19 seconds.
  • CAIO VAZ  

    Two-time world and Brazilian SUP wave champion, he is one of the main names in international stand up paddle surfing. An actor, he has participated in soap operas, TV series and starred in the film “A Onda da Vida”. He is currently specializing in riding big waves, with memorable performances in Nazaré (Portugal), Jaws (Hawaii) and Cloudbreak (Fiji).

    World champion in aquatic marathons in 2014, vice-champion of the world circuit in 2015, silver medalist at the World Championships in Kazan 2015, Russia, South American champion in aquatic marathons in 2014, Brazilian champion in aquatic marathons in 2014 and the only Brazilian to represent the country at the 2016 Olympic Games in open water marathons.

    Tuco Arruda started skating and surfing at the age of 2 and now he can consider himself an experienced athlete. Son of professional surfer and shaper Guga Arruda, Tuco was born in Florianópolis Island (SC), along with the RTMF movement, which brings together many of the best skaters and bowls on the planet.

    Two-time world champion in giant waves. In 2002, the man from Pernambuco entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the biggest wave surfed so far, estimated at 68 feet (22 meters), in Mavericks, California. Among so many achievements and titles, one marked his career: the wave dropped in Nazaré (Portugal), in 2013, with a stipulated height of 100 feet, about 30 meters.

    Current world skimboard champion, title won in Florida (USA), - the first non-American athlete to win this title. Fink was also World Amateur champion in 2013, Brazilian Professional champion in 2014 and World runner-up in 2016. In addition to sinister maneuvers, the athlete from Rio de Janeiro pursues giant waves around the world.

    Brazilian champion in the Under 10 category, Luara Mandelli continues to bring her joy and charisma to the world of surfing. She has a training routine that is divided between surfing, functional and swimming – and the results have already started to show. For a few years, Luara has been standing out in the main competitions of Brazilian surfing.

    Frank Silvestrin has over 20 years of triathlon and 10 IronMan participations. The dream came true when he participated in the first World Championship, in Kona, Hawaii, after finishing third at the IronMan in Florianópolis (SC). Silvestrin is the only Brazilian to secure a place in this highly disputed event.

    Three-time Brazilian No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu champion Henrique Russi is a national standout in the no-gi category. But make no mistake, despite the attention he receives in the modality, the man from Santa Catarina knows how to play very well in any situation that the mat presents him with.

    He is an adventurer who holds two Guinness Book world records: the first with the longest windsurfing trip ever made in the world – 8,120 km – between Chuí and Oiapoque, and the second with the longest ocean windsurfing journey, where he traveled, alone, 400 km between Fernando de Noronha and Natal,, spending the night in the sea on top of the board.

    He is one of the forerunners of Brazil on the World Surfing Tour. He put the country on the international map of the sport, starting with the historic victory at the 1988 Amateur World Cup in Puerto Rico. For 15 years, he was among the WCT's world elite, being the first Brazilian athlete to win a stage on the circuit, in 1990, and the first to win in Hawaii, in 1991.

    Ian joined the WCT for two consecutive seasons, maintaining the tradition of the Gouveia surname on the Mormaii team, which started in 1987. He is considered one of the greatest talents of the new Brazilian generation. His performances with Mormaii equipment are not limited to competitions. He also excels at free surfing and heavy waves.

    Known as Maizena, he took his first skateboarding steps through the interior of São Paulo. He has already won championships in the USA and Europe, appearing on the covers of the main magazines in Brazil. His talent has already taken him to Thrasher Magazine, an important American magazine, and to being awarded as skater of the year 2013 by CemporcentoSKATE.

    Skateboarder at heart and soul who has been on the skateboard since he was 6 years old, traveling around the world in search of the best spots. An overall skater who can ride on any terrain, despite being fond of pools and bowls. Local to Rio Vermelho, at Florianópolis Island, he terrifies sessions on the best tracks on the planet, always recording everything he goes through.

    Anuar Chiah is one of the biggest promises of the Brazilian pro junior category, with a repertoire of modern maneuvers, unique style and high-level surfing, polished in the perfect rights of Matinhos. Even at a young age, the man from Paraná exudes the attitude and surfing of a grown-up.

    Edson Luiz, Mammoth, justifies his nickname for being one of the greatest motorcycle racers in the Americas. Despite his size, the man from Santa Catarina exudes technique and agility, not to mention courage. He is one of the standouts in the category on rainy days, a skill that gave him a historic victory at the renowned Interlagos circuit.

    Ultramarathon hero name. After all, it's not just anyone who faces a 100 km race and still manages to be crowned Continental Champion. For the second consecutive year, the runner will face the Global Solidarity Run, a global solidarity run, held online. He is one of nine athletes summoned to make up the Brazilian national team.

    South American and Brazilian champion in the under-18 category, Tainá is a reality in world surfing. Daughter of shaper Carlos Kxot, she has been surfing since she was 6 years old and sometimes achieves great results competing against the boys. With a smile on her face and a lot of speed in the waves, she follows her dream of becoming a professional surfing world champion.

    Luciano Bernet is an accomplished black belt, Brazilian champion with and without the gi. Among other great achievements are the South American No-Gi championship and the renowned title of the Abu Dhabi World Masters Jiu-Jitsu Championship. With a complete ground game, Luciano is increasingly emerging on the international scene.

    At just 16 years old, Vitória is already among the best beach tennis players on the planet and is the number 1 athlete in the world in the junior category. The woman from Paraná, who also has an exclusive line of clothes and uniforms recently launched by Mormaii, is showing the world her mark and strength.

    Vini Font is an international beach tennis icon. In addition to four-time world champion, the carioca is the only non-Italian to appear in the first position of the ranking. Through Mormaii, the athlete also signs an exclusive model of racket, its line of uniforms and a model of glasses, perfect for beach tennis.

    He made his debut on the World Surf League Championship Tour in 2019. After ten years of battle at QS, where he has been since he was 17 years old, the man from Paraná secured his place in the world surfing elite with a lot of grit, talent and determination. Currently, at the height of his surfing and maturity, the young regular footer continues to pursue his goals.

    Uruguayan based in Garopaba (SC) and used to surf the most perfect waves on the planet. Among the numerous trips around the globe, highlight his performances in Tahiti, Indonesia and Hawaii, where he impresses with his technique, especially in the heavy barrels of Pipeline.

    Leo Casal, from Santa Catarina, is one of the highlights of the new generation of professional Brazilian surfers, with extensive experience in the best waves on the planet. Despite his young age, he has solid power surfing and comes with full strength to keep the Brazilian storm firm and strong on the world tour.

    Ferrari is passionate about the gentle art. In a playful way, with parental supervision and accompanying his educational journey, the young prodigy amazes with his technique, dexterity and focus on the goal of being his best version. Current Brazilian gray belt champion, the internet phenomenon has videos that exceed 4 million views.

    He is one of the most talented Brazilian surfers of all time, a pioneer in the freesurfer modality and an expert in big waves. Alongside his family, Pato conquered Brazilians with his TV show, which is now called Zay and Nalu Pelo Mundo, where they present their routine during trips and training.

    Big rider in love with the ocean, a true waterman who is always in the water. Mancusi is also the presenter of the program Mar Doce Lar, on Canal OFF TV, where he travels the world with his family, in episodes full of adrenaline, paradisiacal places and incredible images.
  • Lucas Menezes

    Lucas Menezes is a talented purple belt, known for his skill and success as a competitor. His intelligence on the mat allows him to analyze his opponents' style, occupy spaces, and adapt his game. As the current Brazilian champion, Lucas continues to evolve and aims to reach new heights in the sport.
  • Bernardo Gatti

    Son of a black belt and a blue belt world champion, Bernardo Gatti has a bright future ahead. Raised on the mats since birth, he carries the love for the gentle art in his blood. The Brazilian combines the refined technique inherited from his family with the drive and energy of his youth.
  • Gabriel Oliveira

    Despite having little time as a black belt, Gabriel Oliveira has already established himself as the Brazilian champion and won the bronze medal at the 2021 World Championships. Additionally, he is a World and Pan-American champion as a brown belt and remains steadfast in pursuit of his goals.

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