Mormaii was born in the early 70s when Dr. Marco Aurélio Raymundo found the best waves of his life on the beach of Garopaba, a small fishing village with no running water or electricity, or even a doctor. He saw a people who were suffering and in need of care, and he saw the possibility of a different kind of life. So he left behind the path of a lucrative medical practice in the city and adopted the simple life of surfing and healing, giving necessary medical attention to the locals, and taking only the pleasure of being able to live by the sea.

Dr. Raymundo, now Morongo, found that the best swell in Garopaba came in the winter, so he took the initiative to hand sew a neoprene wetsuit for himself... the first in Brazil. When friends and other surfers saw his work, first one, and then another, asked him to sew one for them too. Word spread, and orders started coming in; Mormaii Industries came into being.

Surfing in Brazil grew into a prestigious sport in the 80s. And with more surfers there came surf culture, a well-organized professional circuit, specialized magazines, and growing demand for the Mormaii wetsuits made in Brazil for Brazilians.

As other action sports became increasingly popular, Mormaii expanded its product line to embrace them as well. Today Mormaii offers more than 5,000 branded items, from wetsuits and boards, to kite-surfing sneakers and sunglasses, to smart watches and motorcycles. 

With the highest quality and original design that Mormaii has become known for, its products have found their way across the globe, so now the stage is set for the next big step. Mormaii goes back to its roots, back to its wetsuits, and brings them to the entire world stage. Mormaii has now gone global!