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Triathlon Swimming Fullsuit - 5.3.1mm

Triathlon Swimming Fullsuit - 5.3.1mm

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The Athlon was designed for swimmers who want to push their limits. The 5MM panel from the stomach down to the thighs provides ideal buoyancy for the athlete, and the 1MM panel, in the shape of a horseshoe on the calf, is placed to make removing clothes more practical for the athlete. On the shoulders we have EMBOSSED, which guarantees flexibility and comfort for athletes when they are swimming. Our garments have the GBS System – a glue and blind sewing system that does not penetrate the fabric, an internal sealing NEOX4 Tape, and a highly flexible internal sealing applied at strategic points, making it nearly impossible for water to enter the clothing.

CHARACTERISTICS: 100% Yamamoto Neoprene

CHEST SCS panel: Hydrodynamic silicone coating, keeps the body warmer and reduces muscle fatigue.

FIRST SKIN ARMS Panel: Ultra-thin material, highly resistant and light, promotes flexibility, comfort and agility when removing clothes.

Buoyancy Foam: 5MM Flexible Panel, strategically located to provide stability for the L4 & L5 part, optimizes hip buoyancy.

Fit For Comfort: 3MM panel on the back of the garment, allows for more natural movement and improves the fit for body rotation.

S-Panel – FLEX: Ultra-flexible, seamless material is positioned with precision under the armpits.



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